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Data Append Differentiators

Data Append Differentiators - Proven and Deliverable Data Results

Value-edged customer data enables your business to deliver meaningful customer interaction. Further, accurate customer information can trigger cross-sell and up-sell products sales opportunities.

At iAppend, we are aware of the value of data and that's why our data services are valued by our clientèle. Our data appending and data management services are capable of providing customized service to our clients, thus generating maximum value from their database. Our data-centric validation and appending processes are adaptable to suit your unique business needs.

Furthermore, by choosing iAppend, you can potentially acquire over 100 million deliverable e-mail addresses. Our data experts, along with proprietary data services can deliver high quality data in a very short period of time.

iAppend' key differentiators:

  • We work on proprietary processes performed by our in-house data experts
  • We charge only for appended records
  • We adhere to strict privacy policies
  • We conduct strict quality control measures and perform all CASS standardization
  • We guarantee the quality of appended records
  • We comply with Federal laws and International data rules
  • We provide fastest turnaround (48-72 hours)
  • Take the next step towards Email Append Process

We will enlighten you with a complete know-how of systematic data management and append services processes. Our data experts will enhance your knowledge on current market trends, technology, data, quality control, costs, rules and other guidelines.

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