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Append SIC Codes - For Successful Target Marketing

SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification code) appending makes your effort to reach your targeted industries much easier. Business marketers use SIC-based targeting to deepen penetration in the markets and bring in better response and returns.

While there is much to be gained by targeting exact markets, very few marketers are able to segment the targets based on industries. Are you able to demarcate the business database into specific SIC code sectors?

SIC code append empowers you to craft personalized and industry-specific marketing campaigns. Leverage on the SIC code information to reach your customers or build new trading partners.

Benefits of SIC code appends:

  • Reach targeted businesses
  • Enable personalized marketing, based on corporate profiles
  • Increase lead generation and marketing ROI

So, what are you waiting for? Learn how iAppend can help your company to find missing SIC details in your database.

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