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Email Appending Services

Append existing email databases to add new addresses and generate higher sales and revenue through effective digital marketing

Email Marketing – The digital machine for enhanced ROI and business profits

Did you know that more than 82% marketers prefer to communicate their marketing messages to targeted audience through emails and other digital and online marketing channels! Why? Because it is:

  • Cost-effective with no additional operational cost involved
  • Quick to reach audiences ignoring geographical constraints
  • Can be personalized and used multiple times programmed to reach inboxes when it has the highest response rate

So if you know all of this what’s holding you back? You probably have a comprehensive customer database of direct mailing addresses but lack accurate details of being able to contact them electronically. That’s where we step in to help your campaigns with our world-class email appending services!

What is Email Address Appending

A highly popular and effective marketing practice, email appending validates and updates obsolete marketing databases and replaces non-responsive email addresses with accurate, verified and valid ones! At iAppend, old email databases goes through our unique email address match process to cleanse it, correct misspelling, fill out new ids, remove duplicates and more.

Benefits of E-Append : Why your database must append email addresses!

With innovative technology facilitating digital communication, marketers need to add email addresses and cleanse databases to be able to make effective online interaction. By appending email addresses marketers can benefit by:

  • Expanding customer database by removing non-responsive email ids and adding new email addresses
  • Witnessing remarkable increase in website traffic
  • Reinforcing and improving customer relations, by retaining old customers and building long-lasting relationship with new ones
  • Making frequent contact with interested customers to earn their loyalty by delivering on-time email appends
  • Noticing remarkable change in revenue and business returns by offering customers multi-level marketing channels
  • Reducing marketing costs by depending less on traditional marketing tools

Why Email Appending from iAppend

Organizations that want to achieve phenomenal business success must ensure that they get their email database append from reliable sources. With a robust database of verified accurate contact details of over 22mn professionals, our email appending services guarantee successful delivery with every purchase, at affordable rates!

We don’t make empty promises! Instead we let our clients decide for themselves by offering sample FREE email appending services! Simply upload a test file and we will append it for you.

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How Email Appending Works

We believe in proving our clients with quality databases and leave no stone unturned to achieve excellence through delivery! We follow a detail procedure for all our email address append processes:

  • Receive database from client that requires email append (with basic details)
  • Match obsolete customer database with in-house master database to update database automatically
  • Repeat process manually, by correcting misspelling, removing duplicates and filling in missed email addresses
  • Send welcome mails to appended database (on-request for opt-in and opt-out options)
  • Update database based on response and deliver email appended database to client

Email Appending services on offer

But that’s not all! Apart from services for email appending our portfolio extends to:

Make sure you make the right business choices and get in touch with us today for our world-class email appending services!

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