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Postal Address Appending Services to Reach Niche Segments

Customer contact information is not complete without offline contact details. Studies have shown that many customers still prefer to be contacted with mailers, catalogs, etc.

Does your data contain the postal addresses of your customers and business clients? Are you feeling handicapped by the missing postal addresses in your database?

Postal address appending service from iAppend adds opt-in postal details of your prospects to your incomplete database. The process flags similar data and after verification, the relevant records are appended to your data bank. This process takes away the burden from your side and helps you to start prospecting using the new offline contact details.

Benefits of postal appending:

  • Adds value to your database
  • Immediate list growth
  • Enables postal marketing
  • Reach thousands of unique and targeted prospects
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Cut costs & increase response

Strengthen your customer relationship with Postal append!

Reach and covert customers through offline communication. Increase response rates through mailers, catalogs, and phone details.

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