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B2C Email Appending Services to Revive and Renew Customer Relationships

Email has fast become the most preferred communication medium across the globe. However, fast changing email ids have made it difficult for businesses to maintain an accurate email contact database.

Numerous missing email addresses can hurt your conversion rates. How well are you doing to connect with customers using their preferred mode of communication?

The solution to all these worries lies with B2C email appending. B2C append process is done by matching your records against our master consumer database. The matches are made and the correct email contact details are appended to your database.

Benefits of B2C Email appending:

  • Increase sales opportunities by multi-channel marketing
  • Cost effective way to reconnect with past customers
  • Improve your ROI from your email marketing
  • Reduce email bounces from email campaigns
  • Quick revival of sales channel with minimum cost

Give life to your brand and build strong customer relationships!

Run personalized tactical campaigns by using functional email ids and dramatically increase your online revenues. Reduce your marketing costs and build strong customer relationship with B2C email append process.

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