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Title Appending Services - Letter your Success with the Right Title

Wrong personalization and addressing using wrong titles will bring null returns from your marketing efforts and bring down your brand credibility. Change of job title, incorrect submission and data entry errors can malign your business data and result in low returns and bad reputation.

How are you coping with the missing title fields in your database? Do you have sufficient manpower to check the validity of titles in your database? If you are bogged down by your constraints, then title append is the answer to your woes.

Title append solution enables you to effectively update your database with the current job titles of your prospects. The enhanced data will help you to target your prospects with personalized marketing messages. Adding job titles to your records can turn an incomplete database to a full fledged database.

Benefits of title appending:

  • Enable personalized messages
  • Generates better response
  • Improve the brand value
  • Enhance one-to-one communication
  • Enable segmentation of your marketing database
  • Improve your conversion rates

Correct title targeting generates maximum leads!

Win back your customers by sending effective customer-focused targeted messages to the correct title holders. iAppend can validate your existing database with correct and valid job titles. Empower your email marketing to connect to the right business clients and bring effective returns from your marketing.

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